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About Citizensl

About Citizensl

CitizenSL is an international company, it`s field of activity involves business consulting and marketing.

Citizensl company provides legal assistance in obtaining EU citizenship by gaining a passport of Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, France and Estonia by repatriation procedure.

The governments of the listed European states offer simplified conditions and shortened terms for issuing passports to foreign applicants who meet the requirements of the migration legislation.

  • Free movement within the EU
  • Freedom of residence in the EU
  • Visa-free entry
  • Confidence in the future
  • Free education in universities
  • Equal rights with Europeans

Expanding the boundaries of what is possible

If you've always dreamed of a happy European life, your dream may come true faster than you think. With our help, hundreds of people have already received EU passports and moved to permanent residence in European countries.

We value you and your time, therefore we are trying to facilitate and speed up the process of obtaining all the necessary documents as much as possible. At any convenient time, you can contact us and get the fullest possible consultation and answers to your questions about issuing an EU passport.

Our company is a team of specialists that has been providing services for obtaining EU citizenship for over 12 years. High-quality service and speed in obtaining documents are the two main advantages that our clients receive.


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