Citizenship of Bulgaria – the best way to immigrate to the European Union territory

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Become an EU citizen by applying for a Bulgarian passport on a fast-track basis

At all stages of obtaining Bulgarian citizenship under repatriation, qualified specialists provide assistance and detailed consultations. Participation in the simplified program will make possible to become a Bulgarian passport holder and a citizen of the European Union within 8 months.

Become an EU citizen by applying 
                for a Bulgarian passport on 
                a fast-track basis

The simplified citizenship program has the following advantages:

No requirements for knowledge of Bulgarian language
The right to reside in any country before and after passport obtainment
Opportunity to apply for citizenship for children free of charge
Guarantee of successful citizenship obtainment

Bulgarian passport provides a number of privileges for living in Europe:

  • Simplicity of registration and conduction of all types of business under the low tax conditions
  • Legal defense and social guarantees of the state regardless of the country of residence
  • Access to favorable deposits, loans and mortgages in EU banks
  • Free of charge or preferential education at prestigious European universities
  • Access to the best medical treatment;
  • Legal residence in any state of the European Union with no time limits
  • Visa-free travel to 170 countries, including Canada, Japan and New Zealand

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We consult only in English

The process of Bulgarian citizenship obtainment with CitizenSL

Documentary search of proves, confirming Bulgarian origin
Migration specialists will request missing certificates from state institutions, if necessary.
Booking an appointment to submit the documents and obtain a visa
The applicant makes an appointment in advance for a visit to the Ministry of Justice and obtains a visa to enter the country at the Bulgarian consulate or embassy.
Documents submission
Accompanied by migration specialists, the applicant submits the application and a dossier for the Bulgarian citizen status.
Going through the interview
During the interview, a representative of the government agency asks a few simple questions (the lawyers provide applicant with the answers in advance).
Execution of the internal documents
After receiving the decree granting Bulgarian citizenship, an applicant executes the internal documents and the European Union passport.

Assistance of migration specialists will ensure:

Simplification of the immigration procedure and minimum requirements for the applicant
Ensuring the required result within the agreed timeframe
Selection of citizenship obtainment way by taking into account the client`s circumstances
Comprehensive support of the procedure up to the receipt of internal documents