Romanian citizenship obtainment is a convenient way to start life in Europe

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Romanian citizenship is a fast and reliable way to get EU resident status in the shortest possible terms

With a help of repatriation program, it’s possible to obtain the status of EU citizen quickly – within a period of 8 to 14 months. Our team of specialists will support you at every stage of the process of Romanian (EU) citizenship obtainment.

Slovenian citizenship allows to become an owner of European Union passport within 6 to 12 months

The immigration program has the following advantages:

Doesn`t require the language knowledge
It is one of the most accessible procedures for obtaining citizenship in the EU
Children may apply free of charge
Guaranteed citizenship obtainment

Romanian citizenship provides new opportunities for life in Europe:

  • Legal living and work in the countries of European Union;
  • Visa-free entrance to more than 160 countries of the world;
  • Opportunity to keep the savings in reliable banking system of the EU;
  • Possibility to get an education in European universities totally free of charge;
  • Access to the best medical treatment;
  • Living with the whole family in a comfortable and safe environment;
  • Purchase of real estate and investing in own business without additional taxation in any point of the Alliance;
  • Receiving loans at favorable interest rates.

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We consult only in English

The process of Romanian citizenship obtainment with CitizenSL

Search of the required documents
We can confirm your grounds for immigrating to Romania by conducting a detailed analysis of your family tree. Our lawyers will collect information about your ancestors of Romanian origin and, if necessary, request official statements from archival institutions to restore lost documents.
Dossier preparation
We provide services for the preparation of a documents` package for immigration to Romania. Our lawyers are engaged in the translation, legalization and apostille of documents, check them for compliance with the requirements and make a dossier. After that, we submit documents to the Ministry of Justice for further processing.
Documents` submission
The documents are considered by the State Commission on Citizenship.
Waiting for a decree
After a careful check of your documents by representatives of the state commission on citizenship, your case number will be published in a special register. It takes approximately 8-14 months to wait for a decision on your case. We recommend that you use this time to study the text of the oath, which you will have to take upon obtaining citizenship.
Taking an oath
Taking the oath accompanied by our representatives and receiving a certificate of citizenship.
Preparation of internal documents
Based on the certificate of citizenship, the right to obtain a birth certificate, an internal passport, a foreign passport, an international driver's license is granted.

Working with us, you will get:

We provide a simple application process that does not require you to leave your home country or learn a foreign language.
We guarantee the result and help you to obtain EU citizenship within the specified time frame, thanks to the experience and knowledge of our lawyers.
We offer affordable registration by choosing for you the most optimal option that will meet your needs and capabilities.
We suggest total support by our lawyers, up to obtaining a passport of a Romanian citizen.